About King Bag Co.
The King has been reborn...

Inspired by the heritage and handicraft of historic
King Kovers in Oakland, comes King Bag Company.   
I am the newly-reigned, self-appointed,

Well, I'm not really a king...just a North East Oaklander,
teacher, gardener's apprentice, rabblerouser,
member, creator of the Sims (don't get me started),
and now bag designer.

Once destined for classic Buicks, Packards, Cadillacs,
Mercurys, Fords and Chevys, these 50 year-old,
new-old-stock, seat covers have been given new life.  
ReUSED, reborn, and reincarnated into well-crafted,
one-of-a-kind bags.

The best pieces and color combinations were
painstakingly chosen while trying to salvage as much
of the material as possible .  Each bag is hand-cut in
my Oakland studio by a staff of, well, me...   I don't like
making two of the same, so your bag is destined to be

I always make the most of every piece of material.  
Smaller "scraps" are made into coin purses.   All my
bags are limited as they don't make this stuff anymore.
Some are even
more limited than others adorned with
vintage emblems of the era.  

Buy these on
Etsy, in select boutiques, or contact me
for a truly custom bag.

This endeavor could not have been possible without
Queen Elaine; the skills of Sasha, Monica, Sylvaine,
Anna; and the support of Alex who believes in my ideas
(at least most of them).   

                                                       -bobby glasser